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Third Party Payment

Posted: 24 Aug 2014, 14:59
by Matt Carter
Can someone else pay for your hired vehicle is essentially the subject in question here. Yes is the short answer to the question, but there are some restrictions that surround the collection rules / deposit and insurance criteria.

For more information re this subject as a whole please visit the page : ... y-payment/

The typical question that is posed is provided by example below.

Message Body:
Hi there, I use my daughters debit card as all my salary etc paid into it. It is name of x I am y and have hired before paying before hand and then producing my licence. Can you tell me if I can do this with you? Looking to hire in Southend on Sea area. Thanks

Re: Third Party Payment

Posted: 30 Sep 2014, 10:40
by Matt Carter
Another question along the same lines, and yes this can be done, but sometimes it does not always work out as been the best value option, as you will in most cases be required to take out the zero excess / top up insurance, which obviously suits the people that plan to take out this level of cover in the first place, but no for those that are no expecting it.

These requests can quite often come from companies / employers whom are sending their employees on company business and do not expect for them to pay for a hire car themselves and do not expect them to pay a deposit or have any liability so in actually fact the product on offer suits their requirements.


Presently i am useing my wifes card . I dont have my credit card . I need vehicle for 10 days . 30 sept to 10 th oct from heathrow london . I have IDP N 46 yrs old . I am expert driver as i had driven in , Europe , USA .