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An example of where we cannot help :(

Posted: 04 Aug 2014, 10:28
by Matt Carter
We write on our Forum about how we are the go to people for all things car rental :) and we do pride ourselves on been able to help people with car hire when others cannot, but there are occasions when we cannot and I thought it would be worth sharing one of those occasions :-)

With cards that have black / flat numbers in most places you simply cannot rent a vehicle as the card will not go through the card processing machine, it may go through when the booking of the vehicle is made, but will no on arrival, which is where some people can come unstuck.

Debit cards with flat numbers will only work for hiring a car in the UK and even then there are only selected locations that will accept them.

Thanks for your immediate answer.
The numbers are not raised up though they seem like printed on the card so that passing your finger from the top (surface) they can be touched. But definitely they are not raised up. Nor it's mentioned switch,solo,maestro,electron or laser. It' s only mentioned the logo visa and in the upper front part "enter". In the back it's also written "electronic use only"


Thanks for the below, I am really sorry but we cannot rent you a car in that location with the type of card.
I am sorry, they only work here in the UK for car rental.
Hope we can help in the future.
Kind regards,
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