New Debit Card Supplier Secured at Sydney Airport.

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New Debit Card Supplier Secured at Sydney Airport.

Postby IndigoAdam » 31 Jul 2014, 10:30

Hello Everybody,

Good news......we have managed to secure a new supplier at Sydney Airport, Australia that will accept a debit card as payment.

This supplier is based just off site at the airport 1.8km away and they offer a FREE shuttle service for customers arriving at the airport, which I'm told is approx 10 minutes transfer time.

After discussing the debit card situation with a rental agent named Julie at the location, they have confirmed that a standard Visa/Master debit card is totally fine to use as long as the number on the card are raised (embossed) on the card then this will work when hiring a car with them. When using a debit card they have a 5% surcharge on top of the total hire cost.

Julie confirmed that when using a debit card and hiring an Economy or Compact size car, then there will be a $1000.00 deposit held against the debit card at the time of collection and released when the hire car is returned back to them at the end of the hire. You can choose to reduce the deposit on the Economy/Compact size car down to ZERO by paying an extra surcharge of $21.00 per day, by doing this you will also reduce the excess on the hire car from $5500.00 down to $385.00 which is a great option if you are looking for low excess and no deposit on your hire car.

This is a great new addition to our debit card supplier portfolio as up to now we only had the 1 supplier at Sydney airport that could accept a debit card as payment. By getting the new supplier on board this gives us a greater scope and a lot more options for our valued customers to choose from!!!

** Please contact us for more information or 0113 2899 281 or feel free to chat with us online :-) **


Adam :D

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