Debit Card Use @ Ljubljana Airport

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Debit Card Use @ Ljubljana Airport

Postby Rob Selby » 24 Jul 2014, 15:04

Yet another supplier from Ljubjana Airport is now accepting the use of the Visa and MasterCard debit cards with embossed numbers.

We have managed to secure a deal with another one of our suppliers which is now offering the debit card use as well. The deposit amount which would be blocked on the debit card for an economy size vehicle would be 900 Euros and the compact size vehicle, usual inclusions do apply that Electron cards, Maestro cards, Cards which mention electronic use only, laser, switch or solo are not permitted for use.

The supplier is located on site at the airport and is inclusive of a full to full fuel policy.

Of course getting the use of the debit card for car rental makes life a little bit easier as most rental companies all demand the credit card on arrival - and many people choose not to have, or are unable to attain a credit card in the main numbers.

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