Debit card car hire at Groningen Airport, Netherlands.

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Debit card car hire at Groningen Airport, Netherlands.

Postby IndigoAdam » 10 Jul 2014, 15:32

We now have a supplier based in downtown Groningen that supplies the airport and offers a smooth meet & greet service for people flying into this location.

This particular supplier will accept both credit and debit card payments, if paying by debit card you will be pickup from the terminal building by the supplier and brought into the downtown rental office which is approx. 15 mins travel from the airport. This is where you will fill in the paper work and payment can be taken and deposit held. When using a debit card as payment a deposit of 500 EUR will be help against the debit card and released on return of the car.

We recently had our first customer use this service and was told on the customers return that that the whole process was very smooth and even through they returned on a Sunday and the supplier was closed, the out of hours service was great and straight forward.

** Please contact us for more information or 0113 2899 281 or feel free to chat with us online :-) **


Adam :D

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