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Electron Cards permitted in Cardiff

Posted: 10 Jul 2014, 14:50
by Matt Carter
Always a tricky type of debit card to rent a car with, we are pleased to announce that we now have a outlet that will accept these types of cards :D
And for those of you that need some more information regarding Cardiff, please see below to view the page below.

Re: Electron Cards permitted in Cardiff

Posted: 24 Aug 2014, 10:02
by Matt Carter
Just goes to show there is such a variation of what types of payment card can be used for car hire. Varies from country to country, and sometimes from location to location with'in the same country.

Whilst we posted previously about Electron card been permitted for use when hiring a car in Cardiff as well as a number of other places in the UK, you will see from the below transcript it is not permitted for payment / deposit in Italy.

I have a Visa Electron card. We would like to pick up and return the car at the Trapani airport, Thanks
Thanks for the below, the problem is that Visa Electron cards do not work on collection at that location I am afraid, across the board throughout Italy, if that is the only card you have then I am afraid we cannot assist you with the renting of a car.
Please do bear us in mind in the future as for sure the Electron card will work for collection in certain countries for can rental.
I hope either way you enjoy your trip.