Debit Card In Corfu Island

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Debit Card In Corfu Island

Postby BogdanO » 10 Jul 2014, 12:31

One of our suppliers offers now Debit Card Car Hire in Corfu Island Airport in Greece. Of course the supplier is a very trusted one and very well known brand.
The requirements are minimum:
    Debit card (Visa or Mastercard) with embossed numbers on the front of the cards and and must not mention Electron, Maestro, Laser
    A very low deposit will be frozen on your card - the equivalent of only a tank of fuel, which you basically will get back if the car will be returned with the full tank.
A thing i want to mention is that Corfu is also known as Kerkyra Island and is the second largest island in the Ionian Sea. Is has two highways that link the island from north to the south.

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