Debit Cards in New Zealand!

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Rob Selby
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Debit Cards in New Zealand!

Postby Rob Selby » 09 Jul 2014, 16:00

Hi All

We have now managed to establish a supplier which can now take debit cards at the majority of locations across New Zealand. So if you need a vehicle from Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, or any other major city or airport in New Zealand then we can place you with this supplier and ensure that your debit card will be accepted when you arrive. :)

Usual inclusions would apply for the type of debit card with embossed numbers and bearing the Visa/MasterCard logo. Please be aware that the words Electron, Maestro, Laser, Electronic Use only are not on the card.

The excess amount is frozen on the payment card when you arrive and then this would be released when you safely return the vehicle.

Also with this particular supplier the is option to offer car hire for 18 Year olds is also a possibility as well. There is a small young driver surcharge for drivers aged 18-20 inclusive which is charged @ 8 NZ Dollar per day on top of the rental cost.

So hirers for almost all locations in New Zealand who have a debit card or are under the age of 25 then we can certainly help. :)

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Matt Carter
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Re: Debit Cards in New Zealand!

Postby Matt Carter » 10 Jul 2014, 11:58

Hi Rob, bit of a breakthrough then with this one as I have always had a few problem when it comes to finding clients car hire that do not own a credit card.

One thing that is no doubt going to be very important for people to know is the cost of the deposit, i.e. the excess amount, I suspect they might be fairly high as they tend to be for some reason in Australia. Do we have any info on this or can it simply depends on the location / time of year and type of car provided....

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