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New Debit Card Supplier Faro Airport

Posted: 08 Jul 2014, 19:01
by Rob Selby
Hi All!

Great News!

We now have yet another supplier which can allow debit card car hire in Portugal.

We now have a supplier who is located in the terminal building of Faro Airport. It is with a very well known brand and of course a very well trusted supplier as well. With this particular option you can use your standard Visa/MasterCard debit card with the embossed numbers to collect your rental vehicle.

We have spoke to a gentleman at the desk called Dominic who has clarified that the deposit which is taken at the time of rental on all vehicles would be 500 Euros. This would then be refunded this deposit amount upon safe return of the hire vehicle. If you do not want to have such a high deposit you can take out the local excess insurance (see rental conditions for details) with the supplier directly and this will enable you to have a lower deposit amount 100 Euros.

With this supplier the vehicles are provided with a full tank of fuel, which you will have to prepay for on arrival, then at the end of the hire period you will need to return the vehicle as empty as possible upon the return of your hire vehicle. This is pretty much standard practice with about 90% of the suppliers at Faro Airport.

Normally at Faro Airport we are limited to one or two rental companies which can offer the debit card option, so the choices are very limited if you are looking for your car hire @ Faro Airport with a debit card, however we now have yet another option which means that the amount of vehicles available and the larger choice of rates to chooser from we can always ensure that the clients with a debit card always get the best possible deal for their car hire Faro Airport. ... -portugal/

Re: New Debit Card Supplier Faro Airport

Posted: 09 Jul 2014, 16:16
by Indigo Ann-Marie
Good to hear that we finally have more options when it comes to hiring at Faro with a debit card, and at least you don't have to take out the extra insurance, which can work out to be pretty expensive!

We also have another supplier at Lisbon Airport as well who can accept the debit card, with the same amount of deposit so good news all round!

Re: New Debit Card Supplier Faro Airport

Posted: 23 Dec 2014, 13:02
by Indigo Ann-Marie
As well as Faro and Lisbon, this also applies to Porto as well, so we can cover the major airports with this option in Portugal!