New Location for Debit Card Use - Limoges Airport

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New Location for Debit Card Use - Limoges Airport

Postby Rob Selby » 26 Jun 2014, 19:24

Hey Everyone!

We now have another new location that will accept debit cards.

Bellegarde Airport - or as it is more commonly known - Limoges Airport in France

We have a supplier here which will allow debit card payments, usual restrictions apply with the numbers required needing to be raised up (embossed) and the card being a standard Visa/Mastercard Debit card in the name of the main driver.

With this supplier the deposit on a Mini or Economy Vehicle is 450 Euros and for a Compact Size Vehicle the price for the deposit would be 600 Euros. This is the amount which will be pre-authorized on the debit card until the car is safely returned.

This came about when I had a client who was looking for a car from Limoges Airport with very short notice - she was travelling this weekend, so we only had two days before she was due to travel. The other suppliers we work with which were offering the debit card use were not showing available due to the proximity of the rental date, however I offered to call the location and speak with the other suppliers which were showing available to establish if the debit card use can be permitted with them.

I am pleased to announce that we were able to find a company which can offer this service and this allowed the client to arrange their car hire for this weekend using their debit card. So she was a very happy lady indeed! :)

If you are struggling to find a company which can offer car hire with a debit card then speak with us directly and we will always try our hardest to find a supplier which can offer the service with the debit card for you!

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