One way Debit Card Spain....

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One way Debit Card Spain....

Postby Matt Carter » 19 Jun 2014, 09:53

The below covers a few points all of which can be a little tricky, we will breakdown the elements and advise on all points, even though what this person is looking to do is actually not possible.

Customer wants to use a debit card to collect a hire car at Barcelona Airport, which is possible, the condition been that the top up insurance is taken upon arrival, renders the hires free of any liability if damage occurs whilst they are in possession of the vehicle, that part is relatively straight forward.

A one way rental from Barcelona to Granada is possible for sure with a number of our suppliers, however it is not possible with one of the debit card supplier, possible with credit card just not debit, this does not mean to say vehicle from Barcelona cannot be taken and dropped at other locations as they can, for example if this person wanted to collect in Barcelona and return to Malaga then that would be possible on a debit card - so essentially the to and from location need checking ;)

Automatic cars are available yes but in Countries like Spain / Portugal and the various Islands encompassing then tend to be hard to come by, and the majority of stock of these cars are carried by the multinational rental companies, the likes of Europcar / Hertz / Avis whom all require hirers to have a credit card on their person when collecting their rental car, also worth noting there is a fair premium to be paid for these types of vehicles.

So as you can see whilst most things are possible, and we believe we are the can do people, there are from time to time restrictions in place which means you might be able to tick one of the three boxes or perhaps 2 of the three boxes, and 2 out of 2 aint bad :lol:

7:32:36) Visitor 24740171: hi!
(07:32:49) Cherie: Hi there can I help you at all?
(07:33:02) Cherie: Is it Spain with a debit card?
(07:33:05) Visitor 24740171: Cherie , сan you help ma please?
(07:33:11) Visitor 24740171: yees)))
(07:33:14) Visitor 24740171: Good day! could you please help! We want to rent a car in Barcelona, ​​and then go to Granada. we check out of Barcelona on June 22, and we want to pass a car in Granada on June 28. We want rent not expensive car with automatic transmission.Do yo have a car on these date?Can we rent a car on Barcelona and drop car in Granada?Unfortunately ,we have only debit cards. What documents should I carry?
(07:33:24) Cherie: Yes no worries go for it...
(07:33:28) Visitor 24740171: it is my message
(07:33:42) Cherie: Yes got it..
(07:34:20) Cherie: Okay firstly the debit card you have is it a visa debit card with raised up / embossed number?
(07:34:26) Visitor 24740171: what adress do you have?
(07:34:50) Cherie: No electron / solo / maestro or mention of electronic use only...
(07:34:55) Cherie: Address?
(07:35:03) Cherie: Please clarify...
(07:35:10) Visitor 24740171: we have mastercard
(07:35:34) Cherie: Okay and what color are the numbers on the card may I ask?
(07:35:42) Visitor 24740171: wait a minet please
(07:36:15) Cherie: Just want to ensure that your card is the type that will be accepted, as if not it there is no point in us wasting you time and checking :-)
(07:36:44) Cherie: We can check is the one way is possible, for sure you can take the vehicle one way - however maybe not with the people whom allow you to use the debit card...
(07:36:51) Cherie: Yes for sure take your time!
(07:37:21) Visitor 24740171: i have a card with raised up numbers
(07:37:50) Visitor 24740171: sorry my english not very well((
(07:38:09) Cherie: No problem, and I can see your email in our inbox now :-)
(07:39:17) Visitor 24740171: can i send a foto to you with my card?
(07:39:31) Cherie: Okay so that card works, this is something that we are going to need to come back to you on.
(07:39:56) Cherie: So you will hear from us tomorrow providing the options.
(07:40:26) Cherie: I do understand too there is not a great deal of time, so for sure you will hear from us tomorrow.
(07:41:42) Visitor 24740171: ooo!!thanks!So, are you send to my email information about car
(07:41:43) Visitor 24740171: ?
(07:41:48) Visitor 24740171: right?
(07:42:06) Visitor 24740171: tomorrow)?
(07:42:11) Cherie: Yes correct.
(07:42:24) Visitor 24740171: Thank you!!!
(07:42:25) Cherie: I am sure we will be able to help you get a car :-)
(07:42:32) Cherie: Welcome!
(07:42:46) Visitor 24740171: I hope)))
(07:42:55) Visitor 24740171: Bye!!)
(07:43:04) Cherie: Yes enjoy the rest of your evening.
(07:43:15) Cherie: Feel free to connect with us socially :-)
(07:43:56) Visitor 24740171: Thanks!!

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