Debit card Tel Aviv

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Debit card Tel Aviv

Postby Matt Carter » 03 Jun 2014, 13:53

Not many options at this location by way of hiring with a debit card, see some exchange of information below, the suppliers seems to operate in a strange way over there, as many of them whether you are paying with a credit or debit card tend to physically deduct the deposit and then refund at the end of the rental and a couple of people have told us they hang onto it for up to 30 days - sounds strange but can only assume that there is a reason for this, we just don't know what that is!

It is worth noting from the below that from some European countries can issue non embossed cards with black numbers whilst debit cards not the type of debit card that work for car rental in the majority of locations.

(08:48:29) Visitor 82036969: Hello. We're going to Israel and we do not have credit card, only debit.
(08:48:44) Cherie: Okay no worries and which location please?>
(08:48:48) Visitor 82036969: And we would like to hire a small car
(08:49:06) Visitor 82036969: Tel aviv ben gurion
(08:49:13) Cherie: Israel can be a little bit tricky in terms of collecting without a credit card, much tricky that Spain put it that way!
(08:49:33) Cherie: Okay Tel Aviv we can cover for you, do you have the dates etc that the vehicle is required for please?
(08:50:13) Cherie: And also can I just check that the debit card the drivers holds is a visa debit card that has raised up / embossed numbers...
(08:50:35) Visitor 82036969: it is a master card
(08:50:36) Cherie: I notice perhaps you are In Hungary?
(08:50:40) Visitor 82036969: yes
(08:51:04) Cherie: And sometimes the cards issued in these countries can be different and make life difficult...
(08:51:07) Visitor 82036969: the date is 05. 06. 2014 - 12. 06. 2014
(08:51:26) Cherie: So master card no worries but the numbers they are raised / silver....
(08:51:44) Visitor 82036969: we try to make effort to yes
(08:51:49) Visitor 82036969: yes
(08:51:52) Visitor 82036969: silver
(08:52:00) Cherie: Not black and flat - sorry for all the questions just need to ensure that if offer a price / you book we want you to get the vehicle when you arrive :-)
(08:52:11) Cherie: Ah Silver are good :-)
(08:52:17) Visitor 82036969: :)
(08:52:22) Visitor 82036969: silver for sure
(08:52:37) Cherie: And if we can help you with a car - Israel is a beautiful place to spend time exploring around.
(08:52:47) Cherie: I have been there before myself.
(08:52:50) Visitor 82036969: ohh
(08:52:57) Visitor 82036969: i am so exciting
(08:53:03) Visitor 82036969: anyway
(08:53:11) Cherie: Okay so do you have the times of collection and of return please and please provide the size of vehicle required?
(08:53:40) Visitor 82036969: smallest and cheapest
(08:53:47) Visitor 82036969: we are two of us
(08:53:51) Visitor 82036969: :)
(08:53:54) *** Connor left the chat ***
(08:54:01) Cherie: It is something one of our specialist needs to have a quick look at (we have a debit card team) they can then email the prices through and the terms pretty promptly (certainly by this afternoon)
(08:54:22) Visitor 82036969: okey
(08:54:32) Cherie: Okay no worries and your email address please, and the time you would be picking up / returning the hire car.
(08:55:25) Visitor 82036969: 5th of june -> 5.00 am
(08:55:45) Visitor 82036969: 12th of june-> 20.00 pm
(08:56:12) Cherie: No worries so we will come back to you shortly, and I hope we can help make the trip a memorable one :-)
(08:56:30) Visitor 82036969: Thank you very much!
(08:56:49) Cherie: Very welcome :-)
(08:57:22) Cherie: If you can please log off now this chat copy will go through to one of my colleagues and they will respond promptly.

Please find a link below to a page which provides a little bit more information on this subject. ... v-airport/

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