Payment with non embossed card

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Payment with non embossed card

Postby Matt Carter » 29 May 2014, 14:43

Interesting conversation here, client lives overseas has both a embossed numbered card / non embossed number, the debit card with embossed numbers is acceptable when renting in the UK (at the vast majority of location) whilst the non embossed card proves much more difficult to rent a car.

As you will see from the trial below paying on a non embossed card prior to collection is perfectly acceptable just not when you arrive and present for the holding deposit, but as you can see it is possible to pay on one card and present another - providing it is in the drivers name of course :-) Any questions please feel free to let us know :D

(10:12:09) *** Visitor 67724079 joined the chat ***
(10:12:09) Visitor 67724079: I would like to rent a car from Heathrow airport from 30th May at 8pm to the morning of 14th June at around 08.00 in the morning
(10:12:26) Visitor 67724079: I am interested in the smallest, cheapest car
(10:17:34) *** Cherie joined the chat ***
(10:17:48) Cherie: Yes no problem at all we can help you with that.
(10:17:57) Cherie: Any special requirements?
(10:18:24) Cherie: Driver over 25, clean license for more than 3 years and holds a credit card in their own name?
(10:18:47) Visitor 67724079: I have a debit card only
(10:18:53) Visitor 67724079: VISA debit
(10:18:59) Visitor 67724079: embossed numbers
(10:19:03) Visitor 67724079: HSBC
(10:19:51) Cherie: Yes no worries at all we can help with that of course.
(10:20:04) Visitor 67724079: Over 25, clean licence for more than 3 years
(10:20:08) Cherie: Have you hired with us before?
(10:20:17) Visitor 67724079: Yes, last year at about the same time
(10:22:01) Cherie: Perfect :-) and your name please?
(10:22:02) Visitor 67724079: Is it considered an extra day if I return the car early in the morning? I am in two minds as to whether I should return the car at 8am the day I fly out or to return it in the evening the day before
(10:22:14) Visitor 67724079: Accomodation costs are not an issue
(10:22:38) Visitor 67724079: My name is Jon
(10:22:59) Cherie: Yes you will be into another day then...
(10:23:22) Cherie: I suppose returning earlier means you can have a nice evening in a hotel and a easy start!
(10:23:46) Cherie: And Jon just so I can see who you were placed with last time, surname or email address?
(10:24:18) Visitor 67724079: okay, I think I'll change the return date to the 13th June at the latest possible time without having to pay for another day
(10:26:06) Cherie: Okay great so the cost for the smallest and cheapest car comes in @ £190.70 for the 14 days.
(10:26:18) Cherie: This been a full drive away price, and no worries with your debit card :-)
(10:26:44) Cherie: If you have hired with us before I would like to think you know you are in safe hands, assume that is the case if you are back!
(10:27:16) Visitor 67724079: Yes, I was satisfied last time, thanks :-)
(10:27:39) Visitor 67724079: What is the insurance excess?
(10:28:01) Cherie: Excess is £1000.00.
(10:28:20) Cherie: The range in the UK currently between £750.00 and £1250.00 to £1000.00 sits in the middle.
(10:28:52) Cherie: The deposit hold for reference is £250.00 held and then released when the vehicle is returned.
(10:29:18) Cherie: You can choose to reduce your excess with the rental company direct, but that tends to be an expensive exercise.
(10:29:29) Visitor 67724079: okay, no problem.
(10:29:47) Cherie: 65% it is helps run with the excess as it is.
(10:30:18) Visitor 67724079: I may have a problem. I have 390 odd pounds in my UK account. That won't be enough to pay the deposit and the rental!
(10:30:42) Visitor 67724079: I have another account, but transferring money between the two is a hassle and takes time as I am abroad.
(10:30:59) Visitor 67724079: Is there any way I can pay cash when I arrive or something like that?
(10:31:51) Cherie: Okay well no worries with paying for the rental vehicle with one card, as that does need pre-paying.
(10:32:17) Visitor 67724079: okay
(10:33:17) Cherie: And then the deposit can be on another card obviously your card but that is not done until the vehicle is collected anyway.
(10:34:01) Visitor 67724079: Okay, the other card is a foreign card without embossed numbers. That is the reason I transferred money to the UK
(10:34:54) Cherie: Okay well that is the card to pay for the car with that card.
(10:35:49) Visitor 67724079: You mean I should pay with the foreign card?
(10:36:14) Cherie: No reason it should not go through on the system for the payment of the vehicle and if it did not you would know prior to it developing into an issue.
(10:36:52) Cherie: Yes correct, if that goes through the system it goes through the booking is confirmed you then present your embossed card upon arrival.
(10:37:33) Visitor 67724079: Okay, it's just that I was told that rental is more expensive with a foreign card
(10:38:18) Visitor 67724079: Sorry to complicate matters. I forgot about the deposit
(10:38:36) Visitor 67724079: Okay, so to get it straight:
(10:39:31) Visitor 67724079: I book now with my foreign card and then pay on arrival with my UK card for the car and foreign card for the deposit?
(10:42:51) Cherie: Okay so to confirm the payment is made in full upon booking, that can be done on your Foreign card (or there is no reason why it should not) the booking is then confirmed you are sent a pre-paid voucher, then present your UK / embossed card upon arrival.
(10:44:29) Visitor 67724079: So the fact that the UK card doesn't cover the full amount is okay?
(10:44:58) Cherie: Is will be able to cover £250.00 on the day of collection correct?
(10:45:04) Visitor 67724079: Yes
(10:45:17) Visitor 67724079: okay, the UK card is just for the deposit. I understand
(10:45:21) Cherie: Payment with one card for the card and one card for the deposit is fine.
(10:45:32) Cherie: Yes so we are there and on the same page.
(10:45:39) Visitor 67724079: okay. No problems
(10:45:52) Visitor 67724079: Sorry to throw a spanner in the works there
(10:46:00) Visitor 67724079: I'll have to remember next time
(10:46:07) Visitor 67724079: To put enough money in
(10:46:16) Cherie: No worries - just want to make sure we are discussing your next rental requirements next year :-)
(10:46:49) Cherie: It is fine doing it this way - just hope the foreign card goes through - anyway shall we go for it - as we will soon see if it does not1
(10:47:05) Visitor 67724079: yes, next year I'll have to remember. This year no problem. I'll pay for the car with my foreign card, leaving 390 pounds in my UK embossed card for the deposit.
(10:47:27) Visitor 67724079: okay.
(10:47:51) Cherie: Okay, but do remember you do actually only need £250.00 on your UK card....
(10:48:09) Visitor 67724079: yes, that is covered
(10:48:15) Cherie: The rental will have been full pre-paid upon collection.
(10:48:27) Visitor 67724079: no problem
(10:48:46) Visitor 67724079: Can I give card numbers over this messenger programme?
(10:49:44) Cherie: And then email the other details through to
(10:50:09) Cherie: Can you please also confirm drivers full name / contact number / email address / contact address and inbound flight number.
(10:50:31) Cherie: I know we have some info but just want to check everything is correct.

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