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Park it up or use a one way hire

Posted: 02 Jun 2014, 14:14
by Rob Gillespie
Hi Matt, heres one for you. Just been speaking to someone who needs to hire a car for 3 weeks but wants to leave it parked up at heathrow for a few days while they go to France on business... Straight forward enough but would they be better hiring a car one way to heathrow, off hiring and doing the same on the way back??


Re: Park it up or use a one way hire

Posted: 02 Jun 2014, 15:26
by Matt Carter
Almost certain Rob on this one it would be better to rent the vehicle through the 21 days, simply based on the fact that the customer / driver will get a rate break / favourable rate based on the fact that the vehicle is needed for 21 days, obviously this all depends on where the vehicle is required for, but typically you are looking at approx £12.00 per day.

If you break the rental you will have 2 rentals the daily rate will no doubt be much higher, whilst as we know we can provide free one rental in the UK you would still be no better off :D

We do work with people who will allow the rental vehicle to be left with them whilst the person travels, although the usual condition applies that 'the vehicle is left at the owners risk' so something worth thinking about there, again depends on where the person is traveling from but it might be as well to leave the vehicle in the short stay car park, all depends and the best advice I could give would be to speak to the experts re the specifics :-) or 0113 2899 281

Cheers, Matt.