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International One Way

Postby Matt Carter » 27 Jun 2014, 13:37

Going overseas in a rental vehicle or cross border, obviously depending on which country you are traveling to and from, from here in the UK is popular to travel over to Ireland, which is of course an overseas rental, and apart from Scotland and Wales everywhere else is overseas - we are an Island after all, if you are travelling from France to Spain this is cross border travel.

So this service is something that is easy enough to come by and whilst some people can charge a fair premium for doing this, there is for sure people out there whom offer a good value way of taking your hire vehicle into another country - you as always just need to contact us to find out what that best deal is.

Taking a vehicle overseas / cross border one a one way rental on a one way rental is another matter and poses a greater problem, you can do this, so using the below as an example taking the vehicle in Spain and dropping in France is possible, but the cost attached to doing this is seriously high, and we cannot remember anyone actually going ahead with one of these hirers..... usually the better option is taking a vehicle one way to an airport and then flying to your final destination, funnily enough we have had a few of these requests recently - the below were actually all sent in the same day - little bit of a coincidence - they obviously heard that we were the go to people :D :lol: :roll:

Rent a car Barcelona too Montpelier France debit card only 25 years old international drivers permit as well

I wish to hire a car from Murcia airport on 26/7/14 at 12 noon and return it to faro airport on 12/8/14

Is it possible to rent a car, one-way, from Malmö, Sweden to Amsterdam, NL?

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