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Cross Border From Croatia

Posted: 26 Jun 2014, 19:12
by Rob Selby
Did you know that hiring a vehicle in Croatia and taking it cross border to other countries is not as expensive as you may think!

I was speaking to a lovely client today who informed me that she was flying into Dubrovnik Airport but needed to travel to Montenegro and then return back to Dubrovnik Airport. Generally speaking this would be absolutely fine to do, however many rental companies would charge a fortune for this service charging for Green Cards, Additional Breakdown Cover and Extra Insurance.

Well we have now managed to source a supplier in Croatia which is able to offer the cross border hires for 8.13 Euros per day. Now you may look at this and say, well what if I have a two week rental? This would add up to over 113 Euros - This would not be the case! The rental company we work with put an upper limit on the amount they charge as a maximum for the cross border hire. So if you had a 3 day rental, or a 28 day rental the most you would pay for this would be 24.39 Euros for the duration.

Cross Border Rentals are allowed to the following countries from Croatia into a wide range of countries across Europe including but not restricted to
Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegowina, Czech Republic, Denamrk, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, , Poland, Romania, Montenegro.

Really useful and not too expensive either - well worth the cost! :)

Re: Cross Border From Croatia

Posted: 27 Jun 2014, 08:33
by Matt Carter
Always find these cross border hires a little tricky to deal with Rob, the various rental companies all seem to have their own rules when it comes to taking a vehicle cross border, and even more rules and regulations if the vehicle is going overseas, additional insurances / green card / European travel cover / capped mileage.

Good to know that the cost attached are not too prohibitive, although I think I will continue to do what I currently do with these request and put them through to either you / Ann-Marie or Connor, you guys been our cross border specialist, I will stick to my non debit card car hires in the US, this been my area :D

Re: Cross Border From Croatia

Posted: 27 Jun 2014, 10:32
by Rob Selby
Yes I agree completely, it can be very complicated and sometimes quite costly to arrange the car hire with cross border hires. But it is not as difficult as you may think, one quick call to us and we can arrange this all of this very swiftly and with a very cost effective option.

It is true that all of the different supplier all have varying rules and costs when it comes to the additional covers and European travel cover, but it is really great that we now have this option so we can arrange for everyone to save money on their car hire with cross border.

It is true we do have specialists in every field and of course for the non debit card clients for the US you can be sure I will pass the enquiry to you! :)