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Overseas rental for company use :-)

Posted: 20 Jun 2014, 14:12
by Matt Carter
Rob got a chap (sorry tricky one) wants to collect in Welsh pool or at a location that is near to, and wants to take the vehicle overseas, to Holland to be precise.....

The company he works for (he is obviously on company business) want to pay for the vehicle for him (the vehicle is needed for business use) which I know is not too much of a problem, but not sure if there are any added complications based on the fact that he is going overseas?

He wishes to pay by debit card, but again not sure if the overseas use added any complications to this?

Can you see what you can do please and drop him a line back providing the information required, one last things the chap would like zero excess / zero liability, which is fair enough as he is using the vehicle for business use and if something does go wrong he should not be held labile, thought it would be interesting to place on the Forum in case someone else has a similar scenario :-)

Re: Overseas rental for company use :-)

Posted: 20 Jun 2014, 15:44
by Rob Selby
Hi Matt,

Yes I am aware that generally speaking getting a vehicle to go overseas is relatively simple, but as I am sure you are aware is that the collection location of Welshpool can be a little tricky as there are not many rental companies around Welshpool which can offer the overseas cover. Luckily we do have some suppliers in nearby Shrewsbury which can offer this service and this is what I have offered to the client.

Going overseas you just need to have the VE103 form and a green card, which is provided by the rental company. You generally do have an additional charge to cover for the extra insurance and extra breakdown cover and is generally additional to the prices you see on the websites. Of course we always advise to speak to someone before booking.

As you are aware the debit card is not an issue as we do specialize in these fields.

I hope that answers your query but of course if you need any more info please feel free to ask.


Rob S