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Prove your address please

Posted: 16 Sep 2014, 12:27
by Matt Carter
ID went renting a vehicle can be a little bit of a minefield - UK residents are required to prove their address, there are a number of ways in which this can be done, bank statement and a utility are the most preferable items and these must have been posted to the drivers home address.

However of course in this day and age when everyone is encouraged to become paperless the above can sometimes be difficult to provide, there are other proof of address that will act as a substitute, but some of these items would need to be doubled checked on a case by case basis, and it will simply depend on what primary proof you have and what secondary proof of address.

Proof of address that can be acceptable when renting a vehicle

-P45 / P60 / Letter from the Inland Revenue
-Mortgage statement / Rental contract
-Pay slip / letter from employer
-Log Bog / MOT Cert
-Insurance Cert
-Council tax / Mobile phone bill / home phone bill

Any questions re ID / proof of address can be directed to us on : 0113 2899 281

(08:40:35) *** Visitor 86724267 joined the chat ***
(08:40:39) Cherie Walker: Need any information, please feel free to let me know - happy to help :)
(08:40:50) Visitor 86724267: do you provide national van hire./
(08:41:11) *** Adam joined the chat ***
(08:41:56) Adam: Hi there, yes we are Nation wide vehicle rental in the UK so this would not be a problem! Where are you looking to hire a van from?
(08:43:29) Visitor 86724267: from newcastle to be dropped back to portsmouth
(08:43:37) Visitor 86724267: 27/7/14 - 29/7/14
(08:43:43) Visitor 86724267: at 2 pm both
(08:44:35) Adam: Ok so a one way hire, no problem let me get a quote together for you! What size van are you looking for?
(08:46:30) Visitor 86724267: ford transit. SWB. three seats please
(08:46:52) Adam: Have you hired through Indigo before?
(08:49:43) Visitor 86724267: no
(08:51:42) Adam: Looking at the dates the 27th is a Sunday and we dont have any suppliers that operate on a Sunday so the van would have to be picked up on the Saturday.
(08:53:22) Adam: So for the 3 day hire with the one way included for a SWB transit the rates coming in at £203.00
(08:54:51) Adam: I've run the same quote for for 2 days from Monday to Wednesday 28th to 30th and the rate comes down to £158.00
(08:56:29) Adam: If you were able to change the dates of the hire you've save yourself quite a bit of money here as van hire over a weekend always comes in more expensive.
(08:57:32) Adam: What are you thoughts here?
(09:03:05) Adam: Are you still there?
(09:03:25) Adam: Would you like me to email the quote over for you?
(09:04:15) Visitor 86724267: yes please
(09:04:39) Visitor 86724267: which company is it with as some require proof of address and I dont have it
(09:05:35) Adam: This supplier would need proof of home address, utility bill or bank statement.
(09:06:08) Adam: Do you live in the UK?
(09:08:34) Visitor 86724267: i dont have that ID. sorry
(09:10:42) Adam: What ID do you have?
(09:11:58) Visitor 86724267: bank statement
(09:12:55) Visitor 86724267: thats it
(09:22:36) Adam: Is the bank statement with in the last 8 weeks?
(09:23:12) Adam: Do you have a full UK licence (both parts) and a pass port?
(09:27:28) Visitor 86724267: yes
(09:27:53) Visitor 86724267: and the bank statement would be printed off the internet so would be dated today
(09:29:33) Adam: Unfortunately they don't allow printed statements, it must be something you have received through the post. Do you have anything from HM Revenues, DVLA or council tax?
(09:30:18) Visitor 86724267: probably something from HMRC yes
(09:30:24) Visitor 86724267: or DWP?
(09:32:42) Adam: Ok then this should be ok, is the address on you driving licence the same as your current home address?
(09:32:53) Visitor 86724267: YES
(09:33:59) Adam: Yes that's not a problem, do you have your full name and contact number please?
(09:34:09) Visitor 86724267: my name is stp
(09:34:14) Visitor 86724267: stephen burn
(09:34:15) Visitor 86724267: burns
(09:34:35) Visitor 86724267: but the renter will be my business partner
(09:35:29) *** Visitor 86724267 left the chat ***