Provisional Drivers license - Australia!

Some of the most common problems when hiring a car are related to having the correct identification. This is place to ask any questions related to this.

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Provisional Drivers license - Australia!

Postby Matt Carter » 30 Jul 2014, 13:46

I was not quite sure as to where to place this poast, but figure this is the most appropriate place :D

We come across this pretty frequently, which is pretty logical based on the fact that we assist many young people with car hiring.

So as you can see below an international drivers license or permit is not permitted, but you are required to have held a full drivers license for a minimum of 12 months, and I know that the provisional license system in Australia can work a little differently :-)

Please see history of discussion below.

(07:52:24) Cherie Walker: Need any information, please feel free to let me know - happy to help :)

(07:54:11) Visitor 52541748: hi Cherie im 21 and looking to hire a car from oxford for 3 days, can you help me out with a price please, im on a budget and don't have much money to spend! im from australia

(07:54:46) Visitor 52541748: oh sorry ann marie

(07:54:46) Ann-Marie: Hello there. How long have you held your full license for please and are you looking to pay by credit or debit card in your name?

(07:56:00) Visitor 52541748: I don't hold a full license oin Australia, I have a provisional license witch allows me to drive a car and have passengers too, ill be paying by debit card in my name

(07:56:16) Visitor 52541748: will I need to get an international license

(07:56:26) Ann-Marie: I'm afraid that you would need to have held a full license for at least 12 months to be able to hire a vehicle unfortunately

(07:56:48) Visitor 52541748: ok thanks for the help enjoy your day
(07:56:57) Ann-Marie: No problem, maybe next time, and you too
(07:57:51) *** Visitor 52541748 left the chat ***

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