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Posted: 07 May 2014, 03:59
by Rob Gillespie

just to make you are that the DVLA will be closed on Good Friday and Bank Holiday monday, normal times on saturday and closed Sunday

bear this in mind when advising about DVLA checks


Posted: 07 May 2014, 04:00
by Matt Carter
Thanks Rob, we have come cropper with this before….. as we all know if someone does not have the counterpart of their drivers license and the DVLA are closed it means no DVLA check and no vehicle :(

I hear noise that the rental companies are going to so start investing in the technology that allows them to access driver records electronically rather than having to call a DVLA representative to do the check – I think the main reason they have not down cost, but if they did invest it would make life a lot easier all round.


Posted: 07 May 2014, 04:01
by Matt Carter
As per the recent post, worth seeing the knock on effect not bringing the counter part of your license can have, especially when the DVLA are closed.
As is the case with most rental companies / brokers, if you pre-book a vehicle and fail to provide the documentation you are required to / the documentation you have agreed to you will be refused the vehicle and in most cases refused a refund, obviously there are people out there whom would fight tooth and nail to try and claw back any monies paid, but the bottom line can be that the rental company / broker is covered by their terms and conditions. We can to be fair see it from both angles, but the customer from our perspective is always king so our loyally remains with them :-)

**Customer booked online herself with Avis at Manchester Airport. Was for 13th April(Sunday). Didn’t know there were 2 parts to her UK license, so didn’t take the paper part but couldn’t do a DVLA check as it was a Sunday. Please respond. Thank you **

** am not saying you are to blame (or Avis). As I explained to the lady I spoke to, I was not aware of an attached piece of paper. I am South Africa and we only have the card – although I have a UK licence, I live in Ireland and have never used my UK one before (hence never knew about the attached paper – which i will now reapply for). By the way, Enterprise Car Hire helped me out with no booking and without said piece of paper! **

Please, please if you are ever in doubt make contact with us :-) It is for sure good to talk :-)