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Car rental does not exist for my age

Posted: 16 Jul 2014, 11:44
by Matt Carter
** As you can see from the below, it can be somewhat annoying to people when they learn that they possible not be able to rent a car based on their age, even those in the vast majority of cases the drivers experience is vast, having held clean licenses for more than 40 years in some cases and to top it all off a clean driving record in that time - yes is the answer to the question below we do indeed have a suggestion, we provide car hire to customers with no upper age limit so if you are 85 and went to rent a car and why not - there is no problem with Indigo Car Hire - we just ask you make contact with us like the person has done so below.

We currently work in Partnership with a travel company are specialist in travel (funnily enough!) for the older generation, and upon hearing about our services for senior car hirers they got in touch, see further information regarding this partnership by clicking on the below link. ... artnerInfo

I was 75 in March and was stunned to find that car rental does not exist for my age and older,but I wondered if you had any suggestions?We wanted to go to Bath from London and from Bath to the Cotswolds,and were interested and need alternative transportation,unless there are "special arrangements" that can be made to rent a car?