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Proving a tricky one :-)

Posted: 17 Jun 2014, 15:37
by Matt Carter
Question that was posed today to us, which we will split down into segments, as this is a bit of a curve ball ;)

First the business use part, fine no problem this is in essence just standard insurance, sometimes special insurance is required for peoples work, giving an example a carer is required to have special insurance if they are ferrying people around that they care for, but of course someone would be aware of this fact, on a similar note if someone is been rewarded in any way, this is termed as 'hire and reward' and a good instance of this would be a private hire driver.

Driver 1 whom stands at 20 years of age is fine to hire in the UK, there is only one company that allow this and the main condition surrounding this is that they have a clean license for more than 3 years (there are also certain restrictions that apply to what size of vehicle can be hired, the largest been a economy sized vehicle - so it might not work if you want to rent a people carrier)

Driver 2, whilst there is no issue with the driver been 23 years of age, in fact we are one of the few people whom can provide car hire with no additional fee for 23/24 years old (this can be a little bit restrictive in terms of locations - but all of the big cities are covered!) however the minimum driving experience that is required is 12 months, as the driver in this case has only held their license for 6 months they will not be able to rent a car.

Driver 3 - No worries at all - as straight forward as they come :-)

So whilst we could not help this person based on their requirements, this hopefully gives people an insight into what can and cannot be done

(10:38:50) Cherie: Need any assistance please feel free to let me know - happy to help :-)
(10:42:22) Visitor 96499104: we have 3 people to be insured for business use, 1 is 20 with 3 years experience , one is 23 with 6 months experience and the other is 55 with 30 years insurance
(10:42:33) Visitor 96499104: is this possible?
(10:47:38) Cherie: Ah okay tricky one - cannot supply to the 23 years old (you wont find anyone that will I am afraid)
(10:48:12) Cherie: The 20 year old we can cover, but the surcharge makes the rental very expensive I am afraid..... the surcharge is £39.00 per day!
(10:48:27) Cherie: And of course the 55 year old is easy enough.
(10:48:55) Cherie: Sorry perhaps not what you wanted to hear :-)
(10:49:07) Cherie: We don't make the rules, we just help people play by them.