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No fee for young ones at Gothenburg :-)

Posted: 09 Jun 2014, 13:44
by Matt Carter
Rob came across some interesting information here for the young ones who are looking to hire at Gothenburg - but this may extend to Sweden as a whole, although we need to do a little bit of research on this, you would imagine it is something that is adopted throughout Sweden, certainly the 2 airports in Gothenburg do not levy a charge.... and oddly enough they can supply to resident from the age of 19, but only 21 year olds if resident in another country

Minimum 21: international customers with full credit voucher. No cash rentals.
Minimum 19: Swedish customers with full credit voucher.
Minimum 21: Swedish customers with cash payment for groups A-D only.
There is no maximum age limit. ‚Äč

I have actually just noticed this open up another subject, do I see that right 'There is no maximum age limit' which of course caters for a whole new section of our customer base, couple of pages that people are worth looking at here as per the below and Rob do you think you could potentially build some location specific pages surrounding this!

Thank in advance Matt.