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Some useful information with regards to young driver car hire in Copenhagen in Denmark.
Firstly there is no a vast selection of rental companies based at Copenhagen Airport, 6 been the current count and 2 of those are just different brands of the same company, namely Alamo/Europcar.

Quite rare for drivers ages to commence from the age of 18, but there are a couple of people that we work who accepts drivers of this age, there is a fee levied as a is usually the case but at £8.33 per day this is pretty competitive, considering you would be paying upwards of £25.00 per day extra in the UK, so I suppose we could say that Copenhagen is reasonable user friendly for young drivers, worth also noting there is no young drivers fee for driver 23 and over.

Whilst doing some research on the on the young drivers fee’s / acceptance I found quite strangely that the majority of vehicles provided are in fact diesel, which is usually a popular request from people for obvious reason, now personally I am not sure what the pump prices currently stands for a litre of diesel, but the fact remains that diesel cars are more economical to run that petrol cars are.

Driving experience is something that is fairly rare/unique too, 6 month been the minimum with a few of the suppliers, where as 12 months been the norm in the majority of locations across the world.

Payment methods as we covered quite well throughout our website, people struggle in respect of using their debit cards to pay for a rental vehicle and to act as a guarantee of deposit upon arrival at the rental desk, to confirm debit cards are an acceptable payment method at Copenhagen, the usual restrictions do apply no Electron cards / Solo / Maestro / cards with non embossed numbers.

Little extract from one of our suppliers as per below.

Minimum age

The minimum age for renting cars in Denmark is 23 years for car groups A, B, C and P. For other car groups the minimum age is 28 years. For vans the minimum age is 21 years.
Driver’s license
Renter must have held a valid driver’s license and for at least 6 months.

If renter has a driver’s license issued in a country with another alphabet than the Roman he/she must show an international drivers license as well as the national driver’s license.

We look forward to further information from any of the Forum contributors, for more general information concerning Copenhagen, please follow the link below, and there seems to be a number for things to so :-) ... ttractions

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