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Wow see it really does work

Posted: 28 May 2014, 08:20
by Matt Carter
Always nice to see, as we all know car rental can be littered with things that can go wrong, there are many many horror stories out there, people falling foul of x.y and z, which can be mean people are wary of car hire companies / car hire brokers alike.

That said if for people whom have checked out the reviews customer have left us Indigo they will see for themselves that we honestly try and make things run smoothly as possible and commit ourselves to bringing people the best value out there.

We encourage people to research us as our customer comments back up what it is that is said above, and the comment below nicely backs this up too.

If anyone would like to check out these comments please feel free to visit these large consumer review websites.

'Excellent service in the UK and at Alicante Airport. Was very easy to book with Indigo and had my car within 10 minutes at Alicante. Was amazed at how easy it all was given the horror stories you hear. Was able to use debit card and didn't have to do any kind of massive deposit because of the additional insurance I took out at the airport. Thanks to all at the Indigo Team I am already recommending you to all my friends. :)