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Debit card car hire Billund Airport in Denmark

Posted: 16 May 2014, 11:05
by Matt Carter
Hi guys,
Billund Airport in Denmark, booking and paying with a UK visa debit card is perfectly acceptable, non UK debit card can be difficult, please when booking be a little careful and labour the point of no electron / solo - 1500 Kronor held on debit card, which works out on today's exchange rate to £164.00 or so, which as we are all aware is a fairly low deposit to be held.

Further information can be found re this location and other service that can be offered here on the below link, there is also a slight correction on this as we state a low deposit cannot be offered, but I would suggest a deposit of £164.00 is pretty low for this location.

Re: Debit card car hire Billund Airport in Denmark

Posted: 01 Jul 2014, 13:26
by Matt Carter
Interesting snippet of information regarding this location, whilst we recently discovered a supplier that does not require a credit card, there were some restrictions that applied when renting through this company, namely that hirers are limited to the amount of miles that they can cover, I think they cap the mileage at approx 90 miles per day, which can sometimes pose a problem for people wanting to travel any great distance.

We have another supplier whom offers unlimited miles, again you can rent from these people without a credit card, and offer a relatively low deposit of £170.00, and funnily enough this has to be left as a cash deposit, which is 1500 Danish Croners - this applies to all vehicles.

Rob can you please update the current page that we have. :D