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Postby Matt Carter » 08 May 2014, 01:18

This has always been a difficult one, but it seems we have had a bit of break through when it comes to renting a car with a Visa Electron Card at Alicante Airport, yes we have been helping people with debit cards for some time now which can be difficult enough but Electron cards have always been no from all the rental companies in terms of accepting them upon arrival, they were always fine for the payment of the rental car (which catches people out from time to time – naturally one would assume if it is good enough o pre-pay for the vehicle, surely it is good enough to present at the rental counter upon arrival – not the case)

We work with approx 10 different rental companies at Alicante Airport, the majority of which are based on site / in terminal with the cars been housed in the car park (different rental companies keep their cars on different floors of the car park) however only 2 of these companies will operate with a Electron card, hence to ensure you are booked with 1 of these 2 companies you need to make contact with us directly, there are some terms that are attached to the rental, the biggest term been attached to this is that you are required to take the top up insurance directly with the rental company upon arrival – please note TP excess protection polices do not work, as you are required to have zero liability with the rental company direct, people can sometimes feel aggrieved at this (of course no one likes any form of mandatory charge) but for sure there is a distinct benefit in taking out this cover, there is no deposit required upon arrival, so no amount of money is held against the drivers cards (whether that be an Electron, Maestro, Visa, MasterCard) and if anything does happen to the vehicle by way of damage (including damage to the tyres, windscreen and under carriage of the vehicle) you pay nothing.

Feel free to search on the website for ‘Electron Cards’ and further information / blog posts / location pages for further information, of course get in touch with any of our car hire rental agents on 0113 2899 281 who will be more than happy to tal you through the process.

We of course look forward to hearing from you.

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