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Posted: 08 May 2014, 01:17
by Matt Carter
Florence airport debit cards and deposits – a dual question that we are asked from time to time, the expected answer on the deposit part been it is a low deposit.

Yes there are options to book and pay with your debit card for car rental at Florence, you are limited in terms of options of what company the vehicle can from as Italy in general is a country where more often than not credit cards are required upon collection of any car rental. By chatting to us here at Indigo we can ensure you are placed with the correct supplier, ensuring things are trouble free on collection.

Obtaining a low deposit is somewhat harder, the lowest standard deposit that can be obtained when hiring a car with a debit card is 600 euro, this also happens to be the lowest deposit even if you are in possession of a credit card. Car hire excesses are generally high in Italy based on the high accident rate and theft rate the country has, hence so are the deposit required upon collection.

There is a way of reducing your deposit lower than the 600 euros mentioned again whether it be a credit or debit card that the drivers hold, this been on conditional that you take out and pay extra for top up insurance which reduces your excess to zero (there are many words used to describe top up insurance – perhaps rental companies have some many names for it in order to bamboozle people – but essentially it is top up insurance) the cost per day currently to reduce your excess is 19.95 euro’s per day by paying this fee you will not only have zero excess, but your deposit will be reduced to 300 euros. 300 Euros basically been the lowest deposit that can be obtained at Florence Airport.

See below example.

03:54:32) *** Visitor 30753829 joined the chat ***
(03:54:33) Visitor 30753829: looking for quote to rent a car in italy with no or little deposit and with no credit card
(03:55:45) *** Ann-Marie joined the chat ***
(03:55:58) *** Cherie joined the chat ***
(03:56:16) Cherie: Difficult to be honest in Italy, which location are you looking for please?
(03:57:03) *** Ann-Marie left the chat ***
(03:57:55) Visitor 30753829: between tuscany and umbria at villa baroncino]
(03:58:54) Cherie: We would really need to check whether we have a location there first of all to be honest – I would not imagine there would be must choice, and deposit usually start from approx 300 euros, what airport is the nearest / most accessible for you?
(03:59:15) Visitor 30753829: does it have to be an airport
(03:59:41) Cherie: Yes really if you are looking to use a debit card.
(04:02:13) Visitor 30753829: florence airport
(04:02:44) Cherie: No problem if you have an idea of dates I can ask someone to check the location and then drop you an email with the detail.
(04:04:06) Visitor 30753829: from friday the 9th of may collect in florence airport and drop off in pisa airport on tuesday the 13th, price in euro please


Posted: 14 May 2014, 15:33
by Rob Gillespie
Hi guys, great news. I have written a blog about this to let more people know about it ... e-airport/