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Interesting location, and from looking at some images looks a truly beautiful place, the island is in the Balerics, due to its size it does not have its own Airport, there is a ferry that runs several times a day from Ibiza, so getting there is relatively easy.

Whilst there is car rental available on the Island itself, the options of who you can use you rent your car can be limited, simply based on the size of the Island,we do however have a supplier based on the Island for people whom are wanting to take the Ferry and then pick up their rental car, but as is the case with these things in general, where there is limited choice / supply the rates from that supplier can tend to be a little higher, the alternative and dare we say better value option is to collect your hired vehicle in Ibiza

in one of the resorts, the main resorts in general or of course the airport itself.

As from the below the question posed at us was is it possible to use a debit card to collect your hired car in Formentera, the answer been yes, although I must admit it is very usual for the guidance to be only with a Electron card, these cards are usually ones that are frowned upon by rental companies and we have heard of countless stories of people been turned away from the rental desk when presenting a electron card.

However collecting in Ibiza with a debit card any type of debit card is acceptable at Ibiza airport, you can also get zero deposit and zero excess, which of course makes for worry free motoring :-)

See below for a selection of vehicles that are on offer at Ibiza Airport

- Fiat 500
- Ford Focus
- Compact / Standard Estate cars
- 7 seat people carrier
- 8/9 seat minibuses, with a variety of degrees of space
- Wrangler Jeeps for those whom are wanting to go exploring a little (just remember the zero excess!)

To check our more general information regarding car rental Ibiza and using your debit card overseas, please see links below. ... ebit-card/

**Just to let you know – I Spoke with Maria who confirmed that Visa Electron cards are accepted – when I asked about normal debit cards she just said that only Electron is taken.
I would imagine that normal debit cards would be okay.
Deposit would be 150 Euros on a small car
Hope this helps you in your search. J **

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(08:19:17) Visitor 8943208: Good morning, please can you advise if debit card car hire is available on the island of formentera in spain? thanks
(08:19:20) *** Cherie joined the chat ***
(08:19:32) Cherie: Yes no worries pretty sure we can help with that….
(08:19:39) Cherie: What airport are you flying into?
(08:37:44) Visitor 8943208: ibiza then a ferry to formentera
(08:41:43) Cherie: Ah okay that might be a little problematic for us, something we would need to look into for you…
(08:41:53) Cherie: Can you please provide your email address?
(08:58:39) Visitor 8943208: sure .. also do you have info about hiring scooters at all? might be better as a very small island, thanks
(08:59:50) Cherie: We know nothing about Scooters I am afraid… but will for sure respond re the car hire :-)
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