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Refuelling At Alicante Airport

Posted: 29 May 2014, 09:49
by Rob Gillespie
We have seen some recent changes to the fuel policies in Europe, mainly in Spain. Outlined here in ablog i wrote - ... -changing/

Most of the suppliers are moving away from the 'Full to Empty' with which they stand to make money on every tank sold.

'Full to Full' is the route they are going down now, you leave a deposit for a tank of fuel (approx 60 to 100 euros) depending on the size of the car. this deposit will be refunded when the vehicle is returned full of fuel..

But, how can you return a vehicle full of fuel when you need to drive it back to the airport..

One for you here Vicki, id be interested to know how many miles away from the airport the last petrol stations are travelling north or south to the airport on the N332 or if you are coming from inland on the A15/AP7 or along the N31/N77.

How much fuel is used from the petrol station to the airport and does the car still read as full and will there be a charge if not?

I think it would make a great blog, what do you think Matt/Vicki?

Would also work well with San Javier if your down there anytime soon?

Re: Refuelling At Alicante Airport

Posted: 29 May 2014, 13:20
by Vicki Riley
Hi Rob- Yes that is a good idea. I know that at Alicante airport there is a petrol station practically outside the airport, San Javier Im not sure would have to investigate, is a bit more complicated as is more in the country.If people are worried they might show less than full they can always on their last garage stop buy a plastic disposable bag of gasoline, as people do when they run out of petrol, and top up if required. better than losing your deposit

Re: Refuelling At Alicante Airport

Posted: 29 May 2014, 13:45
by Rob Gillespie
hello, the last one is Gran Alicant isnt it? Bit of a distance for those worried about getting their deposit back..

Never seen anyone with a plastic disposable bag of gasoline so anything on that subject would be good.


Re: Refuelling At Alicante Airport

Posted: 29 May 2014, 14:55
by Matt Carter
Last fuel station is the one @ Grand Alicante is not - repsol if I remember rightly.

I collected a Galaxy from Thrifty at the beginning of April, and when driving away in it the needle was showing it was full of fuel, but I know from how quickly the gauge dropped that is was not full to the brim. I re-filled at the above said station (after watching the Grand National in Grand Alicante - sounds quite fitting doesn't it) and really wanted to not top is up completely, but upon having a queue of people behind me had to concede to filling it to the brim, therefore giving it back with more fuel that it came!

I have another customer ( he is from Yorkshire too) who goes straight to the fuel station upon receiving his hire car and fills the tank to the brim, generally he gets approx £5.00 worth of fuel in the car, he then keeps the receipt and presents it to the rental company upon returning the vehicle, they obviously have no choice but to refund that amount - same cookie if you ask me :-)

Re: Refuelling At Alicante Airport

Posted: 29 May 2014, 15:46
by Matt Carter
Rob what about the pictures of the Ford Galaxy that I hired from Alicante Airport, I thought the pictures taken were good at demonstrating the amount of space on offer...... not surer whether they can simply be uploaded onto the Forum due to space issues, if not perhaps we can pop them onto our FB page and link to there.

I also provided some information re pick up, i.e. booking with Thrifty and collecting from Hertz, which even for me having worked in the business for the past 17 years was somewhat confusing!



Re: Refuelling At Alicante Airport

Posted: 07 Jul 2014, 14:52
by Indigo Ann-Marie
Hi guys,

Now with a large majority of suppliers on the website, it gives a guidance of a maximum and minimum amount that is charged for the fuel, with variations from vehicle to vehicle, so will come in very handy if you're wondering how much money you'll need on your card on arrival!

Re: Refuelling At Alicante Airport

Posted: 07 Jul 2014, 15:16
by Matt Carter
Good like it - still a fair premium to pay through vs what it actually cost to fill the tank, a customer sent me their invoice / rental agreement the other day, which broke down the charge for the fuel, as we know the way they sell it to people like us and customers is that the fuel is paid at pump prices, but there is a unavoidable admin charge.

The customer invoice read

60 euro fuel and 20 euro re-fueling charge, little bit rich if you ask me that you are required to pay an admin fee to have the vehicle full of fuel / to have them fill it back up, as most people would be quite happy to bring the vehicle back full of fuel.

Why they just do not increase their prices (as generally the rates are far too lower) slightly (by the figure of the admin charge levied) and run a full to full policy of level or level policy. People would know where they are with things, and feel more comfortable / confident with the rental, I would imagine that the amount of complaints / negative feedback drops dramatically :-)

Here is hoping anyway! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: