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Young Driver Car Hire Aberdeen Airport

young driver car hire

Young Driver Car Hire Aberdeen Airport

Due to recent changes in some of our suppliers policy, Indigo Car Hire doesn’t offer any more car hire for the 20 years old drivers on this location or in any location in UK

Aberdeen Airport, also referred to as Dyce Airport is a popular location for people to hire cars and that too is the same for young drivers. If you are under 25 unfortunately you will find it very hard to hire at this airport due to restrictions from car hire companies that require you to be 25 or over. We looked at this and thought that something needed to be done as younger drivers we didn’t feel should be unable to hire a car as they may need it just as much as those over 25.

We looked at arranging offers to try and get our young drivers behind the wheel, we contacted all the local rental companies and tried to negotiate a deal. As far as we are concerned we think the deals we have managed to come up with have been a complete success, we have managed two different deals for two age ranges, these are…

Under 23?
If you are under the age of 23 it’s slightly different to if you are over, we can hire to you given that you are 21 and held your licence over a year prior to picking up the vehicle which is the good news, however you do have to pay an additional daily surcharge. Here at Indigo Car Hire however we will try keep that to an absolute minimum, we will take everything into account including the additional costs and we will find you the best overall price possible.

23 Or Over?
If you are 23 or 24 we have a fantastic deal arrange for you, it’s the same as if you are young in terms of licence as you only need it for a year prior to hiring.
However the real deal we have organised is that you’ll have to pay just a small additional young driver surcharge. This can mean you have a massive total saving when hiring a car!

If you are interested in getting a hired car and you are under the age of 25 we have some of the best deals in the country. Therefor if you want to get the best prices for young drivers then please contact us at, make sure you DO NOT book online as we can’t make sure that you get the right suppliers for these deals.

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