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Young Driver Car Hire Edinburgh Airport

young driver car hire

Young Driver Car Hire Edinburgh Airport


Due to recent changes in some of our suppliers policy, it’s harder for us to arrange car hire for all types of vehicles with no additional fees for young drivers. Young drivers often find it hard to hire a car with the car companies having a lack of trust in them, this causes a hike in prices and low availability. Until now Indigo have been powerless to do anything about this but eventually we managed to arrange deals with certain suppliers to bring you car hire with great deals at a variety of different ages. It can often get confusing as its different for every single year between the ages of 21-24, This is why we will provide a breakdown of if you can hire or not and attempt to make the answer simple. If you still don’t get the answer to your question then you can contact our reservation agents on

Can I hire a car with Indigo if I am 20 years old?

Due to recent changes in some of our suppliers policy, Indigo Car Hire doesn’t offer any more car hire for the 20 years old drivers on this location or in any location in UK.

What about if I am 21-22 years old?
Yes you can also hire but this time you only need 1 years driving experience. This is also subject to an additional fee that we will again try to keep at the lowest price possible for the given date and type of car.

And if i am 23-24 years old?
We have some fantastic news with 23-24 year olds, you can hire a car with a very small daily surcharge! Given that you have one years driving experience. This is available in quite a few selected locations across the UK including Edinburgh airport. If you are a young driver and want to hire a car then you MUST CALL our reservation agents as if you book online we can’t insure that you will get the supplier that will hire to your age, we need to make sure everything is tailored to you.

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