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What Are SIPP Codes?

What Are SIPP Codes

SIPP codes are a common car hire term used to summarise key features of each vehicle requested, these categories that are summarised into are the industry standard for the description of vehicles. Usually SIPP codes are 4 letters by industry standard what this is for example is.

C-D-M-R: Compact 4 door manual car with air conditioning. A CDMR vehicle could be one of many different makes/model, for example:

Vauxhall Astra
Ford Focus
Hyundai i30

SIPP codes are generated to make it easier to compare vehicles to one another and give you the best vehicle suited to your criteria, there are millions of cars around the world it would be impossible to organise certain specifics as there would be favourite cars and cars that are never used which would make it far too complicated to moderate. There is no guarantee on make and model of the car that you book, however there is a guarantee that the car will fit into the criteria of the SIPP code which is what a lot of car hire companies use.

This code system is voluntary for car hire companies to use. Companies are advised to stick by these SIPP code however as standards as it makes it much easier. As some car companies make their own this makes it more confusing and harder for customers to compare cars. On the other hand SIPP codes in my opinion should be used dependant on the size of the company, if the company have 10 cars there is no point using SIPP codes as you most likely wouldn’t have the specific car available and it would just confuse things, however with bigger businesses it’s a good organisation tool to keep everything simple.

First letterSecond letterThird letterFourth letter
(Size of vehicle)(Number of doors)(Transmission & drive)(Fuel & A/C)
M = MiniB = 2/3 doorM = Manual driveN = Unspecified fuel, no A/C
N = Mini EliteC = 2/4 doorN = Manual, 4WDR = Unspecified fuel, A/C
E = EconomyD = 4/5doorC = Manual, AWDD = Diesel, A/C
H = Economy EliteW = Wagon / EstateA = Auto driveQ = Diesel, no A/C
C = CompactV = Passenger VanB = Auto, 4WDH = Hybrid, A/C
D = Compact EliteL = LimousineD = Auto, AWDI = Hybrid, no A/C
I = IntermediateS = SportE = Electric, A/C
J = Intermediate EliteT = ConvertableC = Electric, no A/C
S = StandardF = SUVL = LPG/Gas, A/C
R = Standard EliteJ = Open Air All TerrainS = LPG/Gas, no A/C
F = FullsizeX = SpecialA = Hydrogen, A/C
G = Fullsize EliteP = Pickup Regular CabB = Hydrogen, no A/C
P = PremiumQ = Pickup Extended CabM = Multi fuel, A/C
U = Premium EliteZ = Special Offer CarF = Multi fuel, no A/C
L = LuxuryE = CoupeV = Petrol, A/C
W = Luxury EliteM = MonospaceZ = Petrol, no A/C
O = OversizeR = RecreationalU = Ethanol, A/C
X = SpecialH = Motor HomeX = Ethanol, no A/C
Y = 2 Wheel Vehicle
N = Roadster
G = Crossover
K = Commercial Van / Truck