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Taking Hire Car On Ferry

Taking Hire Car On Ferry

Can I Take A Hired Car On A Ferry?

When you book a car with Indigo Car Hire we can allow you to take your car on a ferry. This class’s majority of the time as going abroad therefor you will have to pay an additional fee for travel and are usually restricted by rules and regulations. We have some fantastic deals regarding this however, but as far as taking your car on a ferry goes this is completely possible all you have to do is notify us that you are travelling abroad before you pick up your rental car.

The Confusion
People often ask us this question, “The ferry service asks me to supply my number plate, what’s my registration?” as of course you have to book your ferry before you pick up your hired car. This issue that surfaces with this is we can’t guarantee models of cars simply because there are so many people that hire that it’s impossible to do so, as we can’t do this we therefor can’t give you the registration before the rental. What most people don’t know is that although they ask for the reg you don’t need it, all you need to say is that you are in a hired vehicle at the time and it’s no longer required.

Our Offers
When taking a car abroad we have a few offers that you may want to take advantage of as it can truly be very beneficial.

No Abroad Fee For Northern Ireland
When travelling from the UK to Northern Ireland there is no abroad fee given that there is availability of that car rental company at the time. On top of this there are also free one ways meaning you can pick the car up in the UK and drop it off anywhere in Northern Ireland, however this doesn’t apply for Ireland at all.

Unlimited Mileage Car Hire Abroad
When travelling abroad your mileage is extremely limited this is due to things like the risk of you breaking down, if you break down abroad it costs the hire company a large sum of money in order to recover it. We have however secured a deal with a supplier which allows you to hire a car and go abroad whilst having unlimited mileage over your rental period.

If you want to hire a car and take it on a ferry please give us a call on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at if you are interested in getting some of the best deals available.

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