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Renting A Diesel Car In Europe

Renting a diesel car in europe

Renting A Diesel Car In Europe

A question we get asked a lot by customers from overseas is can we rent a diesel car in Europe? This may seem silly to some of us but many don’t know the answer to this question because it’s their first time travelling to Europe. The answer is yes you can rent a diesel car in Europe but that may open up a few more questions you want to ask.

Does it cost more to rent a diesel car instead of a petrol car?
Yes, unfortunately car hire companies often charge a bit higher for a diesel car than a petrol car due to how many miles it does per tank you can command a higher price. However we have reduced this to an absolute minimum here at Indigo and the price difference between petrol and diesel is only a tiny amount.

What colour is the cap at a fill up station?
The colour of the top of the pump is predominately black, if you misfuel a hired car it can be at an expensive cost as you may be hit with an additional fee due to repairs that may need to be made so please make sure you get the right fuel for the right kind of car you would be surprised how often misfueling hired cars happens.

The pump colour is red what does that mean?
Stay away from Red diesel pumps, this is purely for agricultural vehicles. You will mostly only find this if you are in rural areas but don’t make the mistake of filling your car with red diesel as this is illegal and you can face a serious fine for putting red diesel in a vehicle that isn’t for agricultural use.

Are diesel pumps readily available through Europe?
Yes diesel pumps are at almost every petrol station across Europe if not all, you will find it extremely hard to find a station that won’t allow you to fill your diesel engine so there is no need to worry about not finding somewhere to get your fuel.

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