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Meet & Greet UK

Do Indigo Do Meet & Greets?

We now offer a UK meet and greet service to several locations this makes it far more convenient to for our customers to get their hired car with literally not even having to move a muscle. The car can get delivered right to your doorstep. Got something you need to be doing instead of going to pick up a hired car? Or just don’t want to travel as it may be an inconvenience, whatever the situation we can bring the car to you!

What is this meet and greet service?
This is when you order a hired car and you simply can’t get to a location where a car is so we deliver it for you, just another way of making easier for our customers.

How much does this meet and greet service cost?
Well that’s the beauty of it, depending on the distance from your drop off location to where you hire it from in some situations it can be completely FREE. This is just another one of our great deals available to our customers.

What locations do you deliver too?
We deliver to a large amount of locations across the UK including popular airport locations like Heathrow, Gatwick, Edinburgh and Bristol. Just call us and tell us the location that you want to hire at and we will see if we can arrange for a car to be taken too you.

A completely stress free meet and greet service here at Indigo Car Hire, all you have to do when you book is ask if a meet and greet is available. Call our reservation agents to book your meet and greet car hire service today on +44 (0)113 880 0748 don’t hesitate to ask there will be someone on the other side ready to deal with any request.