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Car Hire With Driving Convictions

If you have any points, convictions or endorsements on your driving licence you may often find that this stops you from renting a vehicle. When you are looking to hire a car with a conviction you may be prevented from getting a vehicle as if you have a major endorsement or a particular number of points on your licence.

Indigo Car Hire is here to help. As we are a car rental broker we work with many different rental companies around the world and the large majority of these suppliers will not allow you to rent a vehicle unless you have a completely clean licence. Indigo Car Hire has managed to broker a deal whereby Car Hire With Driving Convictions can be made possible, depending on your particular circumstances. We always advise that you speak to our rental team directly to ensure that you are able to hire a car with a conviction on your licence as this sadly not always possible. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK ONLINE.

When it comes to driving convictions and offences there are so many different ones which all have different meanings. The large majority of motorists have minor traffic offences on their licence such as an SP30 for speeding or a TS10 for running a red light. Generally you get 3 points and a £60 fine for these offences. Normally, this is not a problem for us and you should be able to hire a car with an SP30 or TS10.

On occasions you may find that you have a more serious driving offence on your licence for drink driving (DR), No Insurance (IN) or careless driving (CD). All of these above convictions are just a few examples of the more serious convictions that you may accrue upon your driving licence. In the event of you receiving one of these convictions you will be prevented from collecting a hire car in the UK for at least 5 years from the conviction date, unless you had a ban on your licence, in which case you must wait at least 5 years from when you received your licence back after the ban had been completed. This rule generally only applies to rentals within the UK. If you are looking for a vehicle outside of the UK, then speak with our team we can discuss the options with you.

Do points on my licence affect car hire price?

There is no additional surcharge which applies to someone who has points on their licence but on occasion, depending on the conviction and the amount of points you may be limited by which suppliers you can book with, so you may end up paying more for the car as it is a more expensive supplier who will accept you, where the cheaper suppliers may not accept your endorsements.

Can I hire a car if I have points on my licence?

This all depends on how many points you have on your licence and what the points were for. It is always worthwhile speaking to us directly to ensure that your points and convictions are acceptable for hiring a vehicle. It is always better to check than to just book online as not all suppliers on the website will take a driver with points on their licence.

If you have 3 points then generally yes you can hire a car as these tend to be for less serious offences like Speeding (SP), Mobile Phone Offence (CU), Traffic Light Violation (TS), Driving other than in accordance with your licence (LC) , Miscellaneous Offences (MS) or Pedestrian Crossing Offences (PC). Providing that you only have 3 points on your licence and you have not been banned then you can hire a car with 3 points on your licence.

If you have 6 points on your licence you may have received a more serious conviction like, Careless Driving (CD), Dangerous Driving (DD), Careless Driving (CD) or Aggrevated Taking of a Vehicle (UT). If you have any of these convictions then you may still be able to hire a car however this all depends on when the conviction date was and if you received a ban. Please refer to the above paragraph regarding serious driving offences.

If you have 6 points on your licence because of a Driving with no insurance (IN) conviction, we can provide you with a car hire both in UK and abroad. Click here for more details.

You may also have 6 points on your licence for a couple of less serious convictions like two speeding offences or a traffic light offence and a mobile phone offence, which all carry 3 point penalties in most cases.

In both of these cases you may still be able to rent a vehicle but please speak to our reservations team to be certain of if you can hire a car with a conviction and if you can hire a car with 6 points on your licence.

If you have more than 6 points on your licence then many rental companies will not be able to rent a car for you. The large majority of rental companies will all prevent anyone with an excess of 6 points on their licence from hiring a car. Now with Indigo Car Hire we may still be able to rent a vehicle to you from selected locations but you will need to speak to our team directly so that they can point you in the right direction and ensure that you get a vehicle and have no problems.

Can I hire a van with points on my licence?

Yes the same rules all apply with all stated above. The rules for vans are the same as cars when it comes to convictions, points and endorsements.

The best course of action if you want to hire a car and have any points at all on your licence is to give us a call, drop us an email or speak to us via our Live Chat facility

If you have points on your licence and are not sure what they relate to then you can use the handy chart of UK driving conviction codes below as a reference.

Conviction CodesOffencesEndorsable Points
AC10Failing to stop after an accident5 - 10
AC20Failing to give particulars or to report an accident within 24 hours5 - 10
AC30Undefined Accident Offences4 - 9
BA10Driving whilst disqualified by order of court6
BA30Attempting to drive while disqualified by order of court6
Careless Driving Convictions
CD10Driving without Due care and attention3 - 9
CD20Driving without reasonable consideration for others3 - 9
CD30Driving without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other road users3 - 9
CD40Causing death through careless driving when unfit through drink3 - 11
CD50Causing death by careless driving when unfit through drugs3 - 11
CD60Causing death by careless driving with alcohol level above the limit3 - 11
CD70Causing death by careless driving then failing to supply a specimen for analysis3 - 11
CD80Causing death by careless or inconsiderate driving3 - 11
CD90Causing death by driving: unlicensed, disqualified or uninsured drivers3 - 11
CU10Using a vehicle with defective brakes3
CU20Causing or likely to cause danger by reason of use of unsuitable vehicle or using a vehicle with parts or accessories (excluding brakes, steering or tyres) in a dangerous condition3
CU30Using a vehicle with defective tyre(s)3
CU40Using a vehicle with defective steering3
CU50Causing or likely to cause danger by reason of load or passengers3
CU80Using a mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle3
DD40Dangerous Driving3 - 11
DD60Manslaughter or culpable homicide while driving a vehicle3 - 11
DD80Causing Death by dangerous driving3 - 11
DD90Furious Driving3 - 9
Drink Or Drug Driving Offences
DR10Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit3 - 11
DR20Driving or attempting to drive while unfit through drink3 - 11
DR30Driving or attempting to drive then failing to supply a specimen for analysis3 - 11
DR40In charge of a vehicle while alcohol level above limit10
DR50In charge of a vehicle while unfit through drink10
DR60Failure to provide a specimen for analysis in circumstances other than driving or attempting to drive10
DR70Failing to provide specimen for breath test4
DR80Driving or attempting to drive when unfit through drugs3 - 11
DR90In charge of a vehicle when unfit through drugs10
Insurance Convictions
IN10Using a vehicle uninsured against third party risks6 - 8
LC20Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence3 - 6
Driving after making a false declaration about fitness when applying for a licence3 - 6
LC40Driving a vehicle having failed to notify a disability3 - 6
LC50Driving after a licence has been revoked or refused on medical grounds3 - 6
MS10Leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position3
MS20Unlawful pillion riding3
MS30Play street offences2
MS40Driving with uncorrected defective eyesight or refusing to submit to a test3
MS50Motor racing on the highway3 - 11
MS60Offences not covered by other codesAs Appropriate
MS70Driving with uncorrected defective eyesight3
MS80Refusing to submit to an eyesight test3
MS90Failure to give information as to identity of driver etc6
MW10Contravention of Special Roads Regulations (excluding speed limits)3
PC10Undefined Contravention of Pedestrian Crossing Regulations3
PC20Contravention of Pedestrian Crossing Regulations with moving vehicle3
PC30Contravention of Pedestrian Crossing Regulations with stationary vehicle3
Speed Limit Convictions
SP10Exceeding goods vehicle speed limits3 - 6
SP20Exceeding speed limit for type of vehicle (excluding goods or passenger vehicles)3 - 6
SP30Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road3 - 6
SP40Exceeding passenger vehicle speed limit3 - 6
SP50Exceeding speed limit on a motorway3 - 6
SP60Undefined speed limit offence3 - 6
TS10Failing to comply with traffic light signals3
TS20Failing to comply with double white lines3
TS30Failing to comply with "Stop" sign3
TS40Failing to comply with direction of a constable/warden3
TS50Failing to comply with traffic sign (excluding - stop -signs, traffic lights or double white lines)3
TS60Failing to comply with a school crossing patrol sign3
TS70Undefined failure to comply with a traffic direction sign3
TT99To signify a disqualification under totting-up procedure. If the total of penalty points reaches 12 or more within 3 years, the driver is liable to be disqualified
UT50Aggravated taking of a vehicle3 - 11