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Car Hire With A Debit Card In Slovenia

Car Hire With A Debit Card in Slovenia
Car Hire With A Debit Card In Slovenia
Struggling to find car hire without having to use a credit card? It’s hard! Credit cards are the only method of payment that most car hire companies across the globe accept which understandably comes to the frustration of many. A large amount of people either don’t have credit cards or if they do just don’t like using them, we had to find a solution for this so we contacted all the suppliers possible to try and find out if there was opportunity for an alternative solution, what we managed to successfully come up with was car hire with a debit card in Slovenia.

Book with Indigo and get a completely hassle free car hire, that’s right we’ll organise everything for you! From the start of the rental right to the finish it will all be organised and monitored by us, no calls round to various car hire companies, exchanging of several emails and just a ton of hassle, we will deal with it all. All you have to do is give us a call and arrive at your desired destination and your car will be there ready waiting for you.

What Restrictions Are In Place For Debit Card Hire?
There are three main restrictions we have grouped together in regards to what suppliers accept when it comes to debit card. We tried our hardest to keep the restrictions to a minimum but ultimately it was down to them, so here are the three main restrictions.

Car Hire With A Debit CardEmbossed Numbers On Debit CardDebit Car Pin Number

Firstly the card must be a Visa Debit card as only these type of cards are accepted, this is down to the machines not being able to accept any other types of cards.

The second restriction is that the name that’s printed on the bottom of the card must match the name that is printed on the driving licence exactly, there may be a solution to this if you are travelling with someone so therefor please call us directly if you haven’t met this requirement.

Lastly the final thing is that the numbers on the card must be embossed meaning they are raised from the surface of the front of the card and indented on the back of the card, you can often usually tell because the numbers will be in a silver colour.

How to book a Hire Car With A Debit Card Austria
Booking a hire car is only available over the phone on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or via email on All Bookings through our website require a credit card in the driver’s name.

Locations – Debit Card Accepted

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