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Can I Hire A Car In Spain If I Am 18?

Can I Hire A Car In Spain If I Am 18?

Indigo have arranged a deal with a huge supplier in Spain in order to bring you car hire at a young age as many will be aware. We have announced various offers including 23 and 24 year olds having no surcharge we even announced that we could rent to 21 year olds which was a massive breakthrough but now we have an even better announcement to make. In selected Spanish locations we can offer car hire to those who are 18. Yes you did read that right, we can offer car hire to 18 year olds.

Ok but there must be a catch? What’s the amount of experience that you have to have to hire?
There’s no catch at all, the fact we can hire to 18 year olds isn’t even the best; we can offer this with a mere one day driving experience, this is a fantastic development for Indigo as previously we could only offer car hire to 21 and above and we even considered that a great offer but this is amazing.

Is there an extra charge?
Unfortunately we can’t do everything and there is an extra charge however we have managed to minimize it to a low 9.99 euros a day! That’s another fantastic rate that you can get through Indigo exclusively.

Wow, how do I book?
You can book with us by calling our reservation agents today on 0034 965 993 260 if you are a Spanish customer or +44 +44 (0)113 880 0748 if you are a UK customer. You must make sure that you call us instead of booking online as if you book online there is no way that we can assure that you get the correct supplier that we can arrange this deal for whereas if you call us we can assure it.

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