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Europcar Car Hire Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport

Europcar Car Hire Stansted Airport
Stansted Airport
Terminal Building
CM24 1RJ

Collection Procedure

At Stansted Airport Europcar you will find the car rental desks by following these directions: When you’re on the ground level of the airport exit through the east side onto Gorefield road where you will find a place called Waltham close which is where the Car rental desks are located, they will then direct you towards your car from there.

Opening Times

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Vehicle Availability

Stansted airport Europcar has a rather large fleet of vehicles as Europcar do throughout the whole country. They have everything from luxury Mercedes, Porsches to small Peugeots and Fords. Cars truly suitable to meet anyone’s needs.

Card Types

Europcar as a branch at Stansted airport take some debit cards and mostly all credit card types. They don’t however take every single type of debit card, one of which they don’t take is Maestro cards and the numbers on every accepted debate card must be embossed. They also don’t take things like prepaid cards, cash cards or just cash in general.


The deposit for most the cars within their range is £250, this money will never leave your bank and will be frozen until the return of your rental car, it’s a precautionary measure set by Europcar to ensure their car comes back as it left. You will however have to pay more if you have only an overseas license then the deposit will be around £900.


Luxury vehicles sometimes have a higher excess than the rest of the fleet due to the type of car it is, this should always be checked before renting a luxury vehicle. However if it’s not a luxury and just part of their fleet the excess is always £900.

Young Driver Car Hire

Europcar’s young driver age is 21, if you are considered a young driver by Europcar you must pay an additional £30/p day on top of your rental price. If you are 25 or over you are free to rent a car without paying an additional cost. The maximum age Europcar allow is 99. Click here if you want more information.

One way car hire

This comes at additional cost of £40 + VAT and its when you pick up the car at one location and after your rental time is over you drop it off at another location. This is only allowed within the UK and the additional price is on top of your rental price. Please click here if you want more information on one way car hire.

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