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Europcar Car Hire Southampton Airport

Southampton Airport

Europcar Car Hire Southampton Airport
Car Rental Centre
Wide Lane
SO18 2HW

Collection Procedure

Europcar Southampton airport is located within the car rental building which is inside the airport upon Wide Lane. This is fairly easy to find but if you struggle you can always give Europcar a call and they will direct you to the location you need.

Opening Times

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Vehicles Availability

Europcar are one of the largest car hire companies within the UK due to this they have a massive fleet to boast. They have any car you may need from small compacts to estates or even mini buses there is everything you may need.

Card Types

All the major credit cards and a good majority of the major debit cards are accepted by Europcar at Southampton Airport, there is however a few things they don’t accept. They don’t accept debit cards that are embossed and they also don’t accept Maestro card. Like most other companies they don’t accept anything to do with cash, whether it’s a prepaid cash card or a cash card.


The standard deposit is £250, the only reason for this being increased is if you have an overseas license which would increase your deposit up to £900. The money that they take as a deposit stays in your account and is just frozen.


For the ordinary cars the normal excess is the £900 mark. However for luxury cars it can be more and it’s always worth checking as the prices vary depending on the vehicle, the standard ones are at a fixed rate however.

Young Driver Car Hire

At Southampton airport the minimum age is 21. If you are 21 you get charged an additional cost of £30/p day and you will be charged this from the ages of 21 all the way to 25. The policy on elderly drivers is good however as it states the oldest you can be to hire a car is 99 years old. If you want more information on this subject please click here.

One way car hire

With a fee of about £40 + VAT you can pick your car up at Southampton airport and drop it off at another Europcar location in the UK. The fee is due mostly to the inconvenience of the company getting the vehicle back. If you want to read some more about one way car hire please click here.

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