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Europcar Car Hire Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport

Europcar Glasgow Airport
Glasgow Airport
United Kingdom

Collection Procedure

Europcar at Glasgow airport is just outside the actual airport. When you walk out the Glasgow airport door make a left turn onto Caledonia way then make your way down to the street that is sign posted Andrews Drive, if you have walked near a main road named St Andrews drive then you have gone too far. Once you reach Andrews drive make a right and the Europcar office will be visible.

Opening Times

24 hours 7 days a week

Vehicle Availability

Europcar are probably the largest car hire company within the UK or at least one of them, their vehicle fleet is huge from mini cars to compact to large to luxury they have everything you will need to have the perfect car for your given activity.

Card Types

Glasgow airports Europcar branch take most if not all of the major credit cards, they also take debit cards however not every single one. The one that they don’t take is the Maestro card and any card that doesn’t have embossed numbers (debit), they also don’t accept things like prepaid cards, cash cards or just general cash.


At Glasgow airport the deposit for the majority of their cars is at £250. We must stress this money won’t leave your account you just won’t be able to access it as it’s a frozen balance, it’s a precaution set by the company. The only way in which the deposit will cost you more is if you only have an overseas license, then it will be a deposit of £900.


Most of the vehicles in the range have the same excess price of £900, this is a standard price. If you decide on renting a luxury car however this can sometimes be more depending on the car, it’s always better to check before you rent.

Young Driver Car Hire

The age Europcar set at Glasgow airport for young drivers is 21, you can rent a car at 21 but your subject to an excess fee of around £30 per day up until the age of 25. Europcar also have a policy of old drivers but it’s up until the age of 99. Click here for more information.

One way car hire

This can be described as simply renting from one location within the UK and dropping the car off when you’re finished the rental in another location within the UK. This usually is allowed with an extra fee of £40 + VAT on top of your rental charge. If you wish to read more about one way car hire please click here.

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