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Europcar Car Hire Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth Airport

Europcar Car Hire Bournemouth Airport
Bournemouth Airport
Car Rental Office
BH23 6SE

Collection Procedure

Europcar at Bournemouth Airport is a short walk away from the airport, once you leave the front of the airport take a right and walk towards McIntyre Rd, then follow this road and take the 3rd right. Once you have walked a short distance take the second left and you arrive at the Europcar rental desk.

Opening Times

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Vehicles Availability

Bournemouth Airports Europcar car rental has a massive range of vehicles ready for you when you arrive. There are tons of different sizes and kinds of vehicles suitable for getting you from A to B no matter your situation.

Card Types

As well as having a massive car range they also take quite a lot of major cards, All the major credit cards are covered and most of the major debit cards however if you are paying with a debit card the numbers must be embossed on the card and it can’t be a Maestro card. Also something to take a note of is cash, cash cards and prepaid cash cards are never accepted.


£250 is the standard deposit rate for Europcar at Bournemouth Airport this is only increased if you are hiring with an overseas license which your deposit will go up to £900. The money will not be taken off your account just frozen and unfrozen after you return the hired car.


Luxury cars often have a higher excess than the normal cars however there isn’t a set figure for them so make sure you find out if you are hiring a luxury car beforehand. The standard Excess for the ordinary cars is £900.

Young Driver Car Hire

The minimum age at Bournemouth airport with Europcar is 21, this comes at an additional cost of £30 per day and you are subject to this charge up until you are the age of 25. Their policy on old drivers is also a fairly good one as you are able to hire one of their cars all the way up until you are aged 99. Please click here for more information.

One way car hire

This comes at a cost of around £40 + VAT and it’s for when you hire a car at Bournemouth airport and for whatever reason want to drop it off at another location you can do so, just with the extra fee on top of the rental fee. If you want to find out more about one way car hire please click here.

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