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Car Hire Diners Club Card

Car Hire Diners Club Card

Car Hire Diners Club Card
Diners Club is a charge card company formed in 1950 and it became the first independent credit card company to produce cards purely for travel and entertainment purposes, so why is it so hard to hire a car with one? Car rental companies are very strict when it comes to what types of cards are accepted and mostly it’s just your standard credit cards, which unfortunately Diners Club Cards don’t fall under.

However we noticed that in 2004 Diners formed an agreement with MasterCard meaning that Diners Club Cards can be used anywhere that MasterCard cards are used which gave us more options although MasterCard’s also usually aren’t accepted in several places. We approached several companies with this and managed to come up with one who was willing to work with us and accept the terms of being able to accept Diners cards.

The supplier we contacted is a worldwide supplier so there shouldn’t be an issue with you trying to get a car anywhere in the world. There is however only the one supplier so it’s subject to availability on the dates that you wish to hire and the location so if you are wanting to book using a diners club card then its important that you hire as soon as possible and don’t leave it too late.

In order for your Diners Club Car to be accepted it needs to be both

In your own name meaning the driving licence produced at the car hire counter has the same name as the one on the card. If this doesn’t match then you won’t be able to hire through us.

Secondly the Diners Club Card must have raised numbers on the front of the card and indented numbers on the back, you can also usually tell because raised numbers are normally in silver rather than the flat black numbers.

If you are interested in hiring a car and only have a diners club card then please contact us directly on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at and we will deal with all your questions and requests as quickly as possible giving you the right information you need to be able to hire a car. Hassle free car hire is something we pride ourselves on, so make it easy on yourselves and call us.

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