DVLA Check

DVLA CheckIf I am hiring a car will I need a DVLA check? The answers to this depend purely on one thing. If you don’t have a counterpart or second part of your licence then you will be required to have a DVLA check. This can be awkward because the DVLA only have certain hours of operation and you can often be left stuck if you don’t arrive at the hours that the DVLA check is meant to be taking place since for a DVLA check you must be present at the location when it is to take place due to data protection purposes.

The DVLA check typically costs between £5-10 which is to cover the cost of the phone call and this depends on what the supplier wants to charge you. Calling the DVLA is a tricky process, the numbers hard to get and its all just a massive hassle and worst of all due to the time you may be arriving at the car hire location it may be out of hours for the DVLA in which you can’t contact them meaning you will be stuck stranded at the car hire desk unable to hire a car.

Avoid all this hassle and further foreseeable problems and come straight to Indigo car hire, this very tricky process is made easy through Indigo. Our reservations team can offer you a DVLA check before you even arrive at the car hire desk! This avoids any of the possible issues that may surface, it also means you can rest assured that when you arrive at the car hire desk then your car will be there ready waiting for you without any hiccups.

If you don’t have both parts of your licence make sure you contact the Indigo reservations team and everything will be made simple and easy! A few phone calls is all it takes to avoid the horrible hassle of being stuck at a car rental desk. The number for the DVLA is a premium rate number and if you are ringing from overseas it can often be hard to find a number which you can call in order to arrange such a check because premium rate numbers aren’t allowed to be called from overseas locations, with this Indigo have found a phone number in which you can use if you are an overseas customer in order to contact the DVLA, 01792 782 341