Top destinations for walking holidays

Want to experience nature at its absolute best? No two walking holidays are the same, whether you want a luxurious walk or a challenging climb these holidays are for you.

There are several top walking destinations both in the UK and Overseas, we have narrowed down some of the top destinations we think you may enjoy.

Hadrian’s Wall – England (Moderate)
This lovely walk starts in Newcastle by the side of the beautiful River Tyne where modern life meets traditional. Eventually passing by the jaw droppingly wonderful rural town of Lanercost and as you go through the steel rigg you come upon Chollerford where their is a fully maintained Roman fort, something you will never experience anywhere else in the world.

Walks in the sound of music – Austria (Easy)
A delightful themed walk of “the sound of music”.Have the once in a lifetime chance to hike in the footsteps of Empress Elisabeth, both the Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary and wife to Franz Joseph. The walk will also take you past the majestic lake St.Wolfgang, this historic hike is not one to be missed.

Costa Blanca – Spain (Hard)
Lovely winter sunshine across this challenging walk in the Costa Blanca containing many mountain climbs and coastal walks, but don’t let that put you off. There are many amazing features such as great sandy beaches, small hidden bays, towering cliffs and headlands its the perfect opportunity to put your skills to the test and enjoy doing it at the same time, with one of the driest summers in the world who would want to miss out on that?

Rhine Gorge – Germany (Moderate)
A self guided hike passing through historic famous villages such as Oberwesel, Bacharach, St.Goar, Boppard and Rhens. Experiencing all different walks of life through the very varied German towns, giving you the experience of both old life germany and life as we know it today a walk through history, learn whilst you walk.

Rural Kent Walk – England (Easy)
A walk made to discover the true heart of Kent, with its beautiful countrysides, lengthy history and local crafts. Rural Kent is a magnificent place once you go you will not want to leave. The cottages add to the delightful look of the countryside giving it a very historic feel like you’ve stepped back in time a refreshing getaway from life in 2013 as we know it.