Things to do in Greece

Greece has over sixty inhabited islands, numerous historic sites, idyllic beaches offering a wide variety of tourist attractions to explore. It is no wonder that Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. If you plan visiting this wonderful country, our car hire experts came up with a list with things to do in Greece:

Go back in time at Parthenon, Acropolis

Today, Acropolis is one of the world’s most popular archaeological site but back then in the Ancient times it was a temple built to honor the goddess Athena Parthenos. You may enter that era when the Greek art and sculpture was at its highest point. The Acropolis is a magnificent view you shall never forget, especially if you’ll have the chance to see it illuminated at night.

Fill up your memory cards for your camera in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most picturesque island in Greece. The beautiful multicolored cliffs, the deep-blue water and spectacular sunsets will leave you speechless. Santorini is also home to two of the youngest volcanic islands in the Eastern Mediterranean: Nea and Palia. Take a tour of these smoking islands and enjoy some spectacular views of steaming lava flows.
Santorini can be easily reached by flights from Athens, cruise ships and ferry connections. There are also various ways to explore the island like cycling, ATV rentals and motorbikes.

Climb Mount Olympus

This is a worthy challenge for hikers: discovering the Greek god’s home. This is the place where Zeus mounted his throne, Hades ruled the Underworld and Poseidon rocked the seas. Feel how life blends with mythology and unlock the divine mystery of this 2,919 meters high peak that cuts the sky.

Pray at Mount Athos

Mount Athos is a mountain and a peninsula in northern Greece. The peninsula houses some 1,400 monks in 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries. The entry into Mount Athos is strictly controlled because it is an autonomous state under Greek sovereignty and only men are allowed to enter.

Spare some time for spiritual contemplation at Meteora

The Eastern Orthodox monks found a perfect asylum here, seeking retreat from the expanding Turkish occupation. As the name translates ‘Suspended in the air’, the monasteries are accessible only by steps cut into the rock formations. The impressive view would make the climbing to the 6 remaining unique monasteries pleasant.

Sail in the endless blue seas from Greece

Greece is a sailor’s paradise. You’ll find plenty of charter companies in Athens that would make your dream come true and take you to Aegina and Hydra in a one-week sailing trip or to Mykonos and Santorini in a two-week tour. If you chose to sail from Corfu or Lefkada you can explore the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea.
Sailing from island to island, you’ll have the chance to visit fishing villages or just relax and enjoy this authentic Greek trip.

Spend crazy nights in Mykonos

Feel the vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere in Greek’s most vivid island, Mykonos! It used to be famous for the narcissistic and gay hangouts but now it’s a party island that seduces its holidaymakers with its frantic vibe.

Dear Watersports lovers, welcome to your paradise

You’d be more than glad to enjoy excellent facilities for water-based adventure sports such as rafting, kayaking and canoeing in Greece. On the islands are becoming more and more popular sea-kayaking and scuba diving. There are plenty of dive centers offering instruction and rental equipment in Corfu, Kalamata, Mykonos, Preveza, Rhodes, etc.

Enjoy the sun at Myrtos Beach

Myrtos has been voted 12 times as the best beach in Greece. It is world-famous for the magical turquoise and blue colors of the water. This comes in contrast with the smooth pebbles of the beach, tall cliffs and the steep mountains behind it.

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