Sun Holidays in October

If you haven’t had the best summer weather, or are just yearning to extend those precious weeks of warmth into the Fall, we’ve got some great suggestions for where you can go to chase the sun this October.

1. The Amalfi Coast (Italy)

The average daily temperature is still in the low twenties, and you can bask along the Gulf of Salerno in a UNESCO World Heritage Site while sipping the local limoncello in peace. Perfect.

2. Paphos, (Cyprus)

Stroll the beautiful beaches on the west coast of the Mediterranean’s third largest island and explore an ancient land that has been inhabited (and coveted) for over 12,000 years. The temperature is in the high twenties during the day, and wonderfully cool at night.

3. Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Relax on this East African archipelago and gaze into the gorgeous blues of the Indian Ocean. The sand is soft, the birds plentiful, and the dolphins exceptionally friendly.

4. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Summer in Dubai is not for the faint of heart nor fair of skin, but is ideal for a sun holiday in October. Plenty to keep you entertained after a day at the beach, and famous for its luxurious accommodations.

5. Lanzarote (Canary Islands)

Anywhere in the Canaries is lovely at this time of year, but staying in Lanzarote provides a unique opportunity to explore the volcanic surrounds of the Timanfaya National Park. Temperature in the mid-twenties and sunshine galore.

6. Marrakech (Morocco)

Lose yourself in the famed markets, take a camel ride at sunset, and revel in the warm days and cool nights of this intriguing part of the Moroccan kingdom.

7. The Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

Explore the world’s most engaging ecological wonder during the best time of the year to see its unique wildlife and aquatic animals. The weather is in the mid-twenties and the water temperature isn’t very far behind, making visiting during the off-season all the more appealing.

8. Alacati (Turkey)

This picturesque seaside town on Turkey’s west coast is filled with stunning architecture, cobbled streets, stone houses, and charming restaurants. For a sun holiday in October, there’s absolutely nothing to compare with a little wind or kitesurfing on the Aegean followed by a glass of the famed local wine.

9. Las Vegas (U.S.A.)

If you’ve always wanted to go, this is the time to visit sin city. The oppressive heat of summer is over, and while the evenings can be cool, the days are still hotter than most of the slot machines.

10. Perugia (Italy)

For something completely different, try Perugia in the third week of October. The temperature will likely be slightly below twenty degrees, but you’ll be enjoying the Eurochocolate festival so really, you won’t be too worried if you need a light jacket.

All of these October Sun Holidays are accessible by car hire – and there’s nothing like a convertible to squeeze out every drop of “extra summer”.