Flight Strike Planned For Five Days

Europe could dip into chaos in the next coming days, well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but with 14,000 flights potentially being delayed across the continent it’s not far from the truth, there are currently around 26,000 daily flights across Europe each day which surely shows you the scale of this strike and the effect it could have. Europe’s air traffic controllers are set for strike action on the 29th January where it’s said that 28 countries could be affected with air traffic controllers within Germany striking. If the planned strike action goes ahead Europe’s air traffic could come to a complete stand still, scary.

The 29th isn’t the only planned out of action days for flights, on the 29th flights to and from German airports may be grounded for a significant period of time but there is worse news to come. France air traffic control are looking to strike between the 27th – 31st January according to the Connexion.

The ATCEUC (Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Co-ordinations – What a mouthful!) are the union who are striking, this is due to them contesting the SES2+ (Single European Sky) package. Originally the strike was planned for Autumn back in 2013 but a negotiation was met and there was no industrial action, this doesn’t seem to be the case this time round though. Since it is the air traffic controllers that are striking and not the airlines there will quite literally be no flights in or out of certain airports when the strike is in action, it’s a serious threat by ATCEUC and could cause real havoc, with a lot of strong words being exchanged between EC and ATCEUC who knows what will happen in the future.

This could not only cause major delays but cancellations, of course this has a knock on effect in the car hire industry. If you have booked with between the 27th-31st then we ask that if you have any information on flight cancellations/delays in regards to your flight then please let us know as soon as possible as we will hopefully be able to sort something out and arrange an alternative for you, we are here to help!