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Debit Card Car Hire In Morocco

When you decide upon hiring a car then there are a few things that you need to think about like restrictions involved with rental. In Morocco you are often required by most of the car hire companies to use a credit card when making the…

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New Drivers & Young Drivers

We recently had someone on our live chat function ask whether they could hire a car at 21 years of age. We can hire to people who are 21 or older in most locations around the world; this usually involves a young driver additional fee…

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Great Deals At Milas Bodrum Airport

In Turkey one of the main international airports is Milas Bodrum Airport, like the name suggests it serves the airport serves the two Turkish towns of Milas which is 16 km away and Bodrum which is 36 km. The airport flies to destinations all over…

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No Credit Card Or Deposit Needed In Corsica

Just to the south east of mainland France is the French island of Corsica. The island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean with several people from all over the world visiting the island each year. There are quite a few…

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New Location & New Deals At Sangster Airport

Located just 3 miles to the east of Montego Bay, Jamaica is Sangster International airport, one of the largest airports in the Caribbean. Although it currently only gets around 3.3 million passengers a year, it has capacity to reach 9 million passengers a year. The…

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